No Van is an Island

One of the best side effects of this crazy goal to sell our house and convert our first ever campervan in a period of 2 months, is that we were able to enjoy some of the unique excitement – and work – with some of our amazing friends.  The advantage of embarking on an adventure so relatively unique and, well, adventurous, is that (some) others are happy to participate!

We were lucky that some of our truest friends were willing to spend long laboring hours helping us, rain or shine.  We’re so grateful to Josette and Jonathan for killin’ it with power drill and paintbrush, getting their clothes dirty over and over again, all in exchange for a home-cooked meal and very grateful friends.  Jon’s best bro-friend Ryan also gave up his weekend to drive down from Los Angeles to man the table saw and finish gutting Alevander.  And, my college girlfriends Tiffany and Grace also braved Southern California traffic on a Friday afternoon to bring us a delicious dinner of fried chicken and beer.

Good friends can make the stress of preparing for the sale of your first home and building your next miniature home from scratch just a little easier to handle.  They can listen to your complaints, be an unbiased sounding board for ideas, may chip in to help and, sometimes when it’s needed, can be an excellent excuse to spend some time away from your building partner!

The van conversion process can be long, stressful and require tons of compromise and decision-making.  Sometimes it’s nice to take a breather from it all and enjoy the company of others!  Take advantage of the relative novelty of your adventure, and share the process with those of your friends who are happy to participate!

Best bro-friend Ryan visits for a working weekend!
College girlfriends mini-reunion <3

A Hole Lot of Gratitude

It’s the ninth day into our van build. We’ve gutted almost everything previously built into the van. There were a lot of pieces. This is because the previous owner, whom we’ve named Steve, built his own mobile man cave inside Alevander

We have two small hills of 2x4s and plywood sheets scattered across our driveway and in our garage. The trash can and recycling bin are already packed to the brim, so packed in fact that the trash truck refused to pick them up!   Continue reading “A Hole Lot of Gratitude”

Driving to Work is Dangerous

I can’t help share our next big adventure with anyone who will listen. Be it coworkers, family, or friends, I’m eager to let folks know that we’re selling all our possessions (house included) to beach it up in Mexico and Central America for a year. (Or something like that. We’re still working out the details.)

And as you’d expect with such an unconventional share, I’ve gotten all different types of responses. Many are excited for us. Some are jealous. And of course, some are scared. Continue reading “Driving to Work is Dangerous”

What is a Dang Good Life?

Hello! Thank you so much for checking out A Dang Good Life!

You might be asking, “What is a Dang Good Life?”

Well, my answer is “To each their own!” For myself (Lien) and my husband Jon, a Dang Good Life represents:

1. Doing and appreciating more of what we enjoy,

2. Designing our lives to avoid what we don’t, and

3. Learning to live with intention, gratitude and constant learning.

The Dang Good Life Blog is our reflection of such efforts to make our lives fun and meaningful for ourselves, both individually and as a family. In the future, you can expect to find posts on what I consider a Dang Good Life for myself, my husband and our pup Willie. In my little corner of the internet, I’ll share with you our experience as we embark on various adventures (and mis-adventures!) in travel, home/van-making, and general self-development – seeking what brings us joy, satisfaction, or simply a good challenge!

I hope that by sharing my own ideas and experiences, I can also encourage you to ask yourself, “What is a Dang Good Life to me?” Please share below what you think this question means to you, and we’ll continue the journey of exploration together, knowing just a little bit more about each other!